No, I didn’t fall in love, I grew in love. I am not a helpless, vulnerable animal that fall for the trap left by a hunter. Instead, I grew as a vine-creeper, entwined around this delicate tough rose.

When you grew, I grew. When you rested, I rested. Together we supported each other through rain and snow. When nutrients were scarce and water even rarer, you allowed me to remain connected to you. When your thorns hurt me and I gave you some space, I was still nearby, waiting till we made amends.

We are two different people in this life, yet we are one. I have seen the paintings of our most frequent visitor to this neck of the woods, where our stems are interlinked like two halves of a heart.

Our love is not perfect, but it is real. One day when we both shall pass, we can say we had an enduring love, with the thorns, the beauty and the fragility.


Author: hmbiwan

British Cameroonian who is passionate about God, my family, my friends and myself

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