Peyto-Lake-in-Canada_Idyllic-scenery_4736He set out in his father’s tiny boat on the idyllic lake which looked like a massive pool of blue and turquoise swirls and ripples. Serenity flooded the scene and gently hushed even the air into silence. All was calm apart from his heavy breathing and the sound of his paddles cutting softly through the water like a knife through butter.

He was trying to run away from his thoughts particularly Paranoia. She had a creepy way of worming her way back into his life and menacing all his existence. She descended on him like thick fog and clung to him like body fleas. She was the reason why he had lost all his friends and had nearly tried to strangle his wife.

man on boat on lakeAfter paddling for twenty minutes, he paused to appreciate the aesthetic scenario around him. He stared about him and breathed deeply as if he was seeing the lake he had visited since he was a child for the very first time.

Paranoia cocked her head and smiled wickedly as she observed Man from the shore. She had decided to give him a head start, but she was already cracking her knuckles, ready to take the plunge and catch up to the mouse who was escaping her claws. She gracefully glided through the water till she reached his spot.

Man sensed her presence before he saw her. She circled his boat three times before climbing in. He put his paddles down in the boat and stood up. She was a black silhouette because this time she didn’t transform into her human form like she had down on her other visits. She shifted toward him like a shadow and left greasy marks in her wake.

shadow of paranoiaShe stood so close to him that he felt her breathe, it was warm and prickled his skin. He was not terrified or gripped with fear like before because this time he was alone and there was no one he could hurt.

He let Paranoia touch his temples with her oily, soft hands and hypnotize him with her enchanting voice. He slumped to his knees and she laid him down in his boat. Then, she planted a wet kiss on his lips, picked up the paddles and began to row the boat farther and farther away from land.


Author: hmbiwan

British Cameroonian who is passionate about God, my family, my friends and myself

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