The Gift of LOVE

Normally, I would ask for something practical like money or provide the inquirer with a long list. Not a car, I can’t drive and not stilettos, I like being less than two inches from the floor. Diamonds are a quintessential gift for most girls but, I didn’t make the cut, gold is more up my street.

I do enjoy French macaroons and Cuban cocktails, so maybe I do have some class and am thus slightly refined but, I wouldn’t give myself too much credit. When it comes to gifts, I would rather be the one giving. Don’t get me wrong, I have received my fair share of lovely, heartfelt presents. The small ones wrapped in brown paper packages are the most peculiar, as looks can be deceiving.

However, the most precious gift I have received is Love. You know that gift that you were not expecting, not because of the actual tangible feel of the parcel but, because of the thought, effort and value of the gift. Well, I was given such a gift.


I was talking with my Father and suddenly, He was grinning so widely. In truth, He was glowing, even stars are not bright enough to describe that luminousness. I respect His air of candour, His discipline and His discipleship. In that moment, He picked me up gently and swiftly and placed me on his laps. I did not need to go back in time and be a child, I will always be His daughter.

He lifted my chin up to His face and held it there. As I looked up into His eyes, love poured out like honey being drizzled onto a pancake. It was a moment I wished to capture and replay forever. My eyes fluttered down to His hands as He took my left hand and placed it over His heart. I felt His heartbeat. It was surreal, it sounded like His beating heart was in my hand, working away.

I took my hand away and leaned across His chest instead so that I could listen to His heartbeat with full resonance. It was loud and crisp like distant cricket noises on a warm, quiet summer evening. With my ear still against His chest, I placed both of my hands over my heart. I didn’t blink for a second as I realized how synchronized our hearts were as they palpitated away in unison.

Time seemed to speed by but, I was unaware, there was no urgency to move or shift a limb. When He opened his mouth and started talking, it was more soothing than a lullaby, richer than butterscotch and sweeter than liquorice.

He said, “My heart beats for you, not just in this moment but, before time began. I love you so much it hurts, that is why I allowed My Only Son to go to the cross. I want you to understand the importance of giving, but not just any gift, the most satisfying, the most fulfilling and the most replenishing of all…LOVE!”


Author: hmbiwan

British Cameroonian who is passionate about God, my family, my friends and myself

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